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Our Club field is located East of Columbus, IN, at 11094 E. 25th Street, on the closed Petersville Landfill on approximately 52 acres of land.  Google Earth GPS Coordinates: 39.1330N  85.4804W

90 x 500' grass runway
Recently added Geotex Runway
Pilot stations and starting benches
Picnic shelter
Storage shed
Gravel drive and parking lot
Gas grill for member-use


The landfill is open to the public on Saturdays 8:00AM to 3:30PM when the convenience station is open for trash drop-off. 
Club members are provided a key to the gate for access at other times. 
Non-members are welcome to fly if accompanied by a club member, but must have a current AMA membership card. 
Smoking is only permitted in the gravel area, within 10 feet of the smoking material disposal unit.

Please review the Site and Flying Rules.  

If you have any questions or concerns please ask a member.

Site Rules
1) Through agreement with the Bartholomew County Landfill, the site is available seven days a week during the following hours:            8:00 am to dusk.
2) Members entering or leaving the site must close and lock the entrance gate behind them except when Club has made special arrangements for access control or Landfill is open to public.
3) Because of the locked gate and isolated location, members are strongly discouraged from being on site alone.    
4) Vehicles are not allowed in the pits.  Vehicles and trailers may be backed up to the pit boundary from the parking area side of the pits.    
5) Vehicles are not allowed on runway.
6) A member’s Gate Code or Access Key is not to be shared with non-members.
7) Members and visitors shall conduct themselves in a civil and sportsmanlike manner at all times.
8) Members and visitors shall comply with club rules.
9) Failure of a member to comply with any club rule can result in loss of Club privileges.
10) Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on site.
11) Smoking is permitted only on the gravel, within 10 feet of the butt can(s).
12) Members and visitors are responsible for the removal of their own litter from site. 
13) The AMA Safety Code is in effect at all times.
14) The flight line is restricted to pilots and spotters.
15) Deliberate flight behind the flight line is not allowed.
16) The established club frequency control plan in force at all times. 
17) Fixed frequency radio transmitters are to remain off until a channel frequency pin for said transmitter has been secured.
18) Fixed frequency transmitters shall display the frequency identification number. 
19) A catch container or absorbent cloth shall be used to prevent any spillage of fuel during the fueling of your aircraft.
20) Turbine powered models are not allowed.
21) High start lines are to run along east side of grass runway.
22) Mufflers are required on all engines.
23) Unescorted visitors are not allowed beyond the identified boundary
 Approved April 3, 2018

Flying Rules
1) The AMA Safety Code is in effect at all times.
2) Pilots must show evidence of current AMA membership.
3) AMA membership card must be posted on appropriate board
4) Pilots shall secure appropriate channel frequency pin from appropriate board before activating transmitter. 
5) Open flying is in effect at all posted times, except during events and activities.
6) Pilots and spotters shall stand within or between the pilot stations.
7) Spotters are required during events and recommended at other times.
8) Taxiing and flight is restricted to runway side of flight line.
9) Taxiing is not permitted in the pits or behind the pilot stations. 
10) Pilots shall make appropriate announcement when taking off, landing or declaring an emergency.
11) Takeoffs and landings shall be into the wind as determined by majority of the pilots.   
12) Flight operations shall cease during electrical storms.
13) Special flight rules may be imposed for certain scheduled events.
 Approved April 3, 2018


And the most important rule.... BE SAFE AND HAVE FUN! 


Emergency Information

Bartholomew County Sheriff

543 2nd StreetColumbus, IN


Emergency 911

Columbus Regional Hospital

2400 17th StreetColumbus, IN


Prompt Med

2502 25th StreetColumbus, IN812-372-8883

Columbus City Police

123 Washington Street

Columbus, IN


Emergency - 911