Meetings, Events and Activities

Bartholomew Co. R/C Fliers ​Club Meetings.​

Our monthly club meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday of every month.  Currently, we are meeting on ZOOM at or at the field.  Contact any officer for info. 

We do not meet in November or December.  Our January meeting is our Holiday Club Member and Guest Pitch-In.


2021 Club Events

Indoor Flying
    For the 2020-21 Winter season, Indoor Flying is again FREE for any AMA member.  We fly in the St. Peter's Lutheran Church's Den from 1:30 to 3:30 PM,  on The following Sundays: 

       November 22, 2020                          December 20, 2020

       January 3, 2021                                  January 24, 2021

       February 7, 2021                                February 28, 2021

                                        March 7, 2021


     The Den is located at 5th and California and you must enter through door #1, which faces 5th street.

     Upon entering, through door #1, Becky Eckleman will take your temperature with a No-Touch Infrared Thermometer.

      Wearing a mask is required and it must be properly worn, by that, it is meant to be worn with the nose as well as the mouth covered at all times.

     When the flying session, which is from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM is over, we are required to use the provided disinfectant spray and paper toweling to wipe down all the bleacher seating on which we have sat.


     Lastly, the Den is considered a place of worship and you are asked to act accordingly.



the BCRCF club officers

Indoor at the Den.jpg

Click here for video of indoor flying on 2-7-2021


New Year's Day ​Freeze Fly
It's a tradition of almost every club.  We come out on New Year's Day to fly, no matter the weather.  In central Indiana, sometimes there is no snow, sometimes more than a foot.  However, it is hardly ever warm.
Hot coffee and doughnuts are staples.


Joe Grube Memorial Warbird Fly-In, is sanctioned for June 5th, 2021.   This event is dedicated to the memory of the first  of our Charter Members to "Go Flying".   


         Our Swap Meet, will be on

October 17, 2021 was held at the Bartholomew County Fairgrounds south of Columbus. and was well attended.  The state was opening up.


Firemen's Cheer Fund Charity Fly-In,  

for 2021 is looking for a new date
Our first Cheer Fund Charity Fly-In was held in 2007. This event benefits the Firemen's Cheer Fund, which has existed since the 1930's. It provides toys, clothing and food to less fortunate children and families during the Christmas season.

Pilot Training

In previous years, pilot training was scheduled on Thursday evening.  While this is not scheduled for 2021, pilot training will be available  when the weather cooperates and one of our instructors is available, after the Covid restrictions allow..

       Events Which Were Cancelled in 2020

 Which Hope They Will Happen Again in 2022

Earth Day.jpg

Earth Day 2020 was cancelled.

It is held at the Recycling Center on South Mapleton.  We chose, due to Covid Restrictions, not to participate in 2021.   We display our airplanes, give out magazines and egg carton penny gliders and expect to be back in 2022

Group Photo 440.jpg

Club 40 Racing, May 23rd 2020 was cancelled

  Club 40 is a very simple, introductory racing event, using aerobatic trainers and sport engines.  There are 2 classes, 60 and 95 mph.  all AMA members are invited to participate.  It is not planned for 2021

Open House, June 13, 2020 was cancelled.

Come out and fly our airplanes, using the Buddy-Box system.  All equipment is provided.

Probably will be back in 2022